Property valuation

Property valuation

Melakis & Associates S.A. offers certified services in TEGOVA (The European Group of Valuers Association), in accordance with the rules and Appraising European standards, with a team of experienced and certified appraisers, registered in the Register of certified appraisers of the Ministry of Finance.

Our company works with almost all banking institutions on estimates and has undertaken and completed a significant number of studies, such as property appraisals, valuations, capacity utilization and estate investment studies, for individuals and companies.

Property valuation

Real Estate Services

  • Property Valuation
  • Feasibility and Development Studies for Real Estate
  • Separation of Land and Planning
  • Property Management and Project Development
  • Property Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Consulting in development and urban planning issues
  • Specialized assets assessments, financial estimates and actuarial studies

Objects of Study and Report Preparation

  • Letters of guarantee for loans
  • Sustainability reports for Development and investment projects
  • Accounting clearance
  • Corporate markets and merging
  • Rental negotiations
  • Market Research
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Expert opinions in judicial proceedings
  • Company listing on the Stock Exchange

The Melakis & Associates S.A. offers a team of experienced and certified appraisers who can directly and effectively cover the needs of each client.

Our long experience and expertise, but also our up-to-date database developed over time, enables us to provide accurate and timely estimates.

Our estimates are provided under an increased quality control system to ensure valid results, based on a detailed and documented study and confirmed by multiple techniques.

The European Group Of Valuer's Association (TEGoVA)

European Group Of Valuer's Association TEGoVA (The European Group of Valuers' Associations) is a European non-profit organization consisted of 61 trade unions from 33 countries and aims to establish standards and ensure the ethics and quality in the real estate market assessment.

TEGoVA Represents the interests of more than 70,000 qualified appraisers with the Association of Valuers of Greece (SEKE) and PEOPLECERT HELLAS be the Greek members. In addition to establishing standards for the customer and represent the interests of its members, the organization TEGoVA offers a unique network for enterprises.

Managers of small special advising companies, large private companies or government organizations at local and national level, individuals belonging to the components of the organization TEGoVA, cover all areas of the business spectrum.

You can find more information on the official website of the organization

Ministry of Finance - Registry of certified appraisers

Ministry of Finance - Registry of certified appraisersAccording to the provisions of paragraph. C '' Arrangements for assessor "of Law. 4152/2013, the position of Certified Valuers of Greece (SOE) is to cover the body of certified appraisers, registered in the Ministry of Finance registry.

The Melakis & Associates S.A. company is certified and registered as Certified Valuers - Legal Entities of the Ministry of Finance with reference number 36.

Certified Appraisers by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with paragraph C of Law 4152 / 2013 (Gov. / A 107)

Melakis Manolis REV

A.VA.G. Registry number: 0364
Peoplecert :GR730000080ΕΜ
Ministry of Finance registry number :161


MELAKIS & Associates S.A. is a company with years of Construction Engineering and Consulting experience.

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